our world

our world

Kalxxpal group,is online web based site that specializes in facilitating of transactions in the tech industry.Linking buyers with sellers in the industry.Providing in depth analysis of what is going in the tech industry.With the dissemination information through our blog and sites,We are in-formats that renders to you info on all the tech events in our economy,such as;'information technology,tech management and planning,info on extraction technologies,electronics,innovative inductions and much more and also on how to manage your tech needs'.This is due to our diversification and obsession with the growth of technology in various sectors of the economy.We are a group that intends to build good management systems in the economy by disseminating information round the world.

kalxxpal is coined from the term kal and pal,referring to the founder of this organization (kenneth kalu) nicknamed kenkal.Established in the 20th century our major aim is to connect industrial buyers with sellers around the world.

kalxxpal group or agency is a profound group or organization that helps in the fast interconnection of people in different sectors of the economy.

1 To act as a broker/agent,interconnecting buyers with suppliers at an agreed price or commission due to us.

2 Endorsement brokerage and advertising for private firms.

3 Dissemination of information on all sectors of the economy to the public.


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