Eletric cars changing the driving world.

Eletric cars changing the driving world.

Innovations is at it again with the random creation of what we call electric cars.The speed of this vehicles is obviously very outstanding it is preposterous to say they are not well made and with the evolutions in computer technology


The five codes of making money.

The five codes of making money.

Many are wondering how large sums money is gotten by few people in the society while most people do not acquire much.Well this is because those few have figured out the code for success.If you must know becoming a billionaire is easy but only if the right and perfect idea is put into place,That idea must affect the whole world and your degree of implementation on that idea determines your success rate.In short notice code in ducted in the title was

Technology and marketing management.

Technology and marketing management.

Technology is the evolutionary change that has ever happened to planet earth,it’s revolution is somewhat flashy.There is rapid speed and development in the innovative thought of many individuals,with increasing change in production and satisfaction outputs.The elementary diversification of tech is beyond imaginative thoughts.
There are many problems confronting everyday tech in many ways that affect human satisfaction.Think of marketing in technology,there are many people who are affected by marketing methods in the tech industry.Customers complain of lack of suppliers while some say buyers are not available.
KALXXPAL is an online web based group that wishes to enhance the marketing methods in the tech and energy sectors.
Linking buyers to suppliers and also the other way around.
Our group is conscious of the lack of inductive marketing methods present in the industries,that is why we are here to promote marketing and put it at it’s best in the tech and energy sectors.